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If you are looking for a real estate agent that will listen to you and will work with you to find just the right house, I recommend choosing Bryson from Centurion Real Estate. Here’s why: We sold a house in another state and our real estate agent there found Bryson for us. She felt that he would take the time to understand our housing needs, and she was right. Bryson went out of his way to locate houses that fit our requirements. Our ideas on what we wanted for a house changed as we were seeing houses and Bryson was very responsive to our changing views. He also was very good at helping us understand the local housing market and what to expect in different price ranges. Bryson is able to think outside of the box. When we found a house we liked, we knew the house was going to have a lot of interest. Bryson helped us formulate an offer that sent a clear message of our level of interest in the house without putting us in the position of getting into a price war. The offer we made was one of several and we got the house. We have Bryson to thank for that. During the entire experience, Bryson worked to help us find a house without pushing us into a deal that wasn’t right for us. Our house buying experience was successful and I think that is because of Bryson.